A Resource for Golden Horseshoe Manufacturers 

The Golden Horseshoe has a long, proud history in manufacturing and the Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network (GHMN)  has been formed to ensure the future of manufacturing.
There are many resources available to manufacturers in the region - training, funding, advisory – but they can be difficult to find and understand.  The GHMN involves the major resource providers in the region to increase the cooperation between them:
Academic – McMaster, Mohawk, Brock, Niagara College
Government – Economic Development, Funding Agencies, Provincial Government
Industry Associations – Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
By working together with industry in the region we can lower the barriers to innovation and improvement and build the future of manufacturing.


The GHMN has a very simple mandate – give manufacturers what they need when they need it.   We will do that by: 

  • Giving all the academic, government and associations a vehicle to cooperatively serve the manufacturing community
  • Get information critical to manufacturers to them as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Bring manufacturing opportunity to the Golden Horseshoe  


















GHMN formed through a partnership between McMaster UniversityCity of Hamilton, and the Regions of Halton and Niagara.  Other stakeholders from academic institutions, municipal economic development, funding agencies, government and associations have been a part of discussions that have been taking place over the last few years. 

There was a recognition that the Golden Horseshoe is in a critical time where external forces are making it impossible to stay the current course.  In particular, raising the level of innovation in the region is seen as a critical element of the long term viability in the region.  The GH has all the necessary attributes to make it a great incubation environment for innovation, but the advantages of the region that are not being fully capitalized.  In the spring/summer of 2007, Deloitte was commissioned to do a study on innovation in the Golden Horseshoe and give recommendations on an innovation strategy and implementation plan.  The recommendation was to form a focal organization for manufacturers in the Golden Horseshoe region - the Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network.

Operating Committee

Gillian Sheldon
Ontario Centres of Excellence

Nick Markettos
McMaster University

Elaine Holding
SB Partners

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